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يناير 27, 2020 | display screens

Vertical Advertising Screens indoor&outdoor android Freestanding displays ideal solution for all Apps Get Live Quotes at Factory Price Quality Assured 100 %

Vertical Advertising Screens floor standing  LCD

Vertical Advertising Screens floor standing  LCD

In addition to Standing floor lcd kiosks’ main purpose as a smart tool to

perform distinctive propaganda and broadcast strong exclusive ads that

attract the audience and customers, they are used as a touch smartphone or laptop.

This is a wonderful thing that provides “customer self-service ” , where

the user can move – with the touch of his fingers – through the content of

the interactive display kiosk to order, book, learn, know and do his service himself.

Vertical Advertising Kiosks are suitable for all Apps; indoor and outdoor.

They help both the company or the institute and the client, guests or audience.

  • expand business opportunities

You can insert a promotion video as an advertisement to run automatically while

another video is playing or  a customer moving through the content.

Also you can set up the interval time,such as 10 minutes or 20 minutes.

This is the screen division function that enable you to select full screen, two

split screens,three split screens and so on according to your needs.

  • Logo Display

A company  can make a JPG picture of its own logo that will appear on

the upper left-hand corner of screen when play video or photo.

  • Customer self- service

Provide your customers with user-friendly content and make them feel

relaxed and let them stop to see your product at the same time.

Free to split screen, many mode to select(options are full screen,two split screens,three split screens and so on) according to your needs.

Kiosks lcd features

You can find the best and latest specifications at the best Screen Company

  • support hand touch
  • high accuracy
  • anti-interference infrared touch technology.
  • Support Android System
  • Support a variety of android devices remote control.
  • Update via internet.
  • Support all types audio formats
  • full HD loop play
  • advertising timing loop playing.
  • timing automatic power-play, automatic shutdown.
  • easy set up
  • high response time
  • high Aspect ratio
  • Support 3G,4g, 5g wifi network
  • surfing the internet.
  • Playback Mode Repeat : one/all, choose to repeat playback one file or all the files.
  • Split-screen : Free to split screen ( full screen,two split screens,three split screens and so on) .
  • Anti-theft lock
  • Screen surface : ultra-thin, high-transparency toughened glass.
  • volume : user can set up different volume at different times; different

db volume for morning and night separately.

  • Photo slideshow time can be adjusted.
  • Multi-touch screen ,Fluent touch.
  • easy to use user interface .
  • IR based remote controller
  • Pure stereo sound
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Set password to protect contents
  • All weather sun readable

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