​​lcd screens for sale unique designs

Nov 1, 2019 | display screens

​​lcd screens for sale Display & Advertising, interactive content Customer Self-Service High Quality Unique Designs Latest Specifications competitive quote

​​lcd screens for sale top quality & best price

​​lcd screens for sale top quality & best price

You can make big actual gains and achieve multiple goals by having one of

LCD screens which is one of the most important types of displays and advertising products.

lcd screen is one of interactive screens that Provides great services such as

guiding the beneficiaries of the services, clients or learners and trainees.

Moreover, what must be emphasized is to deal with a strong distinctive

and reputable company that has great previous works so as to ensure

a distinctive product of the highest quality , the latest specifications, the best

features, supports the strongest props for the lowest cost at the same time.

  • Various designs and models

Interactive screens

Floor Standing Kiosks

Table screens

  • Top quality and best price.
  • Complete and comprehensive after-sales service with distinctive contracts.

LCD screens specifications & general characteristics

  • varied Display aspect ratio, so that each client can choose what fits his site.
  • A full color palette allows the content and UI to look impressive.
  • The colors are graded, natural and bright, with the best contrast ratio showing every detail.
  • Excellent brightness.
  • The screen and user interface can be viewed from all angles with the same clarity.
  • High real-time response to deal prevent content faster.
  • High real-time response .
  • clear Sound.
  • smooth management.
  • Supporting all file, image and video formats when uploading, downloading and playing.
  • Via the Internet can update the playlist.
  • Multiple inputs and outputs to take advantage of all modern technology devices and deal with any external media.
  • high protection for the screen and the content  .
  • Multi-touch.
  • performance and reliability.
  • a wide range of applications.
  • anti-glare solutions to minimise unwanted reflections .

​​lcd screens for sale main functions

Our ​​lcd screens support several distinct functions

  • Presetting (automatic on / off – automatically display certain content at certain times).
  • Continuous playback without fail.
  • Card reader

CF , SD, CF / SD / MS / MMS / XD and USB drive

  • Stable performance throughout operating hours.
  • Upgrading and updating

Updating the content of the memory card (or built-in memory).

  • Supporting all video formats, whether of high or low quality video, NTSC image or PAL image.
  • playlists function:

You can arrange ads, images, effects or videos, format them into lists and run them respectively.

  • Sensor and infrared.

LCD displays Best Company Solutions

You can choose from the largest selection of LCD displays

Exclusive different designs and models

Floor Standing Kiosks

Interactive table screens

Android or Windows operating system screens

Transparent kiosks with two-sided displays

  • High quality products, made of the finest materials.
  • attractive colorful frame, elegant appearance.
  • customized frame in a distinctive color that matches the decor of the place
  • A strong outer layer protects the screen.
  • Tempered glass user interface to protect the screen from scratching.
  • A password can be set to protect contents, lock keyboard and remote control.
  • High quality stereo speakers.
  • High quality image processor.

We can provide a stunning design with great specifications and provide

an ideal solution for each organization.

  • Public institutions, government agencies, and service offices.
  • Private institutions and companies.
  • public places.
  • Business.
  • Private property and real estate.

We also provide a distinctive service, which is lcd rental for any period and providing the same sales services.

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