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Nov 7, 2019 | CCTV

General specifications of the surveillance system as defined by Ministry of Interior regarding to installation of CCTVs in vital facilities

General specifications of the surveillance system

General specifications of the surveillance system As stated in Law

No. 61 of 2015 issued by the Ministry of Interior – Security System General DEPT

  • The proposed security surveillance system must be an open standard

based on Internet Protocol (IP) network system.

  • System must contain a program capable of simultaneous recording, playback,

storage, copying and remote access without any adverse effect on any of the functions.

  • Management software should provide camera number, location,

Date & time of recording generated by system server, forced masking

(password protected)  in recorded video and alarm management Images

recording and storage system’s performance must be checked daily.

  • CCTV Cameras used in the system must be Vandal proof, Tamperproof

Weatherproof and Day/Night according to the environmental requirements.

  • Cameras must be suitable for operation under extreme temperature, relative humidity and non-condensing.
  • Cameras used in the system must cover the required field of view

and its details day and night. Panoramic coverage through PTZ or multi-

lens megapixel cameras is a MUST wherever required.

  • System must have sufficient storage system for all camera recordings

for a period of 120 days, in MPEG-4 or H.264 format or better quality

compression techniques. The recording frame rate and resolution must be

programmable from the user level. It should give the ability to customize

also quality of the video output based on the viewing needs and storing capacity.

  • The minimum recommended camera resolution is MEGAPIXEL
  • Cameras used in the system for outdoor and indoor specific areas

must have Auto-iris, Auto-ICR, Auto-exposure, Backlight compensation,

Wide Dynamic Range, Contrast Enhancement, Digital Noise Reduction,

Digital Image Stabilization, Privacy masking, Motion detection, Digital/

Optical zoom, Multiple Gain Control, White Balance, Intelligent Video

Analytics, Audio I/O, VPS/Interlaced scanning features

  • Sufficient lighting arrangement must be provided for the cameras

according to the location and requirement.

  • Sufficient lighting should be provided in the sites of long-range

vision to cover the area of surveillance.

  • High quality infrared camera must be used in full dark areas

The camera representation of the object for monitoring should be as follows:

a. For identification purposes – the figure should cover at least 120% of the screen height

b. For recognition purposes – the figure should cover at least 50% of the screen height

c. For detection purposes – the figure should cover at least 10% of the screen height

d. For monitoring purposes – the figure should cover at least 5% of the screen height

  • For number plate recognition, the recommended screen image representation

must be at least 50% of the screen height.

display screen

  • the number of cameras per display screen will depend primarily

as the size of the screen. A separate viewing displays or area may also

be required for reviewing recorded video

  • A single CCTV operator should monitor no more than nine (9) camera

displays at any one time in a standard 32” wall screen

  • A single CCTV operator should monitor no more than nine (9) camera

displays at any one time in a standard 23” Desktop screen

Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure

  • Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure must be highly available,

reliable, secured and able to support a growing number of CCTV devices in

the network. Infrastructure cabling must be of the latest specifications and quality

  • Infrastructure must be concealed and protected by industrial standard weatherproofing, anti-tamper and anti-RFI material
  • CCTV system must be an integral part of the whole IP based network

Infrastructure system. The network infrastructure should be able to carry a high

quality, high resolution, real time video in a converged voice/video and data network

  • Remote Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity must be secured with

the latest encryption/decryption techniques to preserve the authenticity

without compromising the good quality video transmission over the network

the system time of the video to a reference time for time stamping

surveillance system capabilities

  • Camera numbering and location details in display and recording must

be according to site and location to easily distinguish captured scenes

  • System must have full function control unit (joystick control unit

and touch screen feature if its available) including keyboard and mouse facility to use with

  • The system should ensure that the image and video being produced is

tamperproof and cannot be altered. The recording shall have an audit trail feature

  • The system must contain search feature of the material recorded

by the number/name of camera, location, and time and date

  • The system must have the ability of long term storing on external

storage devices as well as copying on different external media

  • The system should also allow for backup of specific data on any

drives like CD/DVD/Blu ray Recorders or any other device in a format

which can be replayed through a standard PC based software. Log of any such activity

should be maintained by the system which can be audited at a later date

  • The recorded video should be exported in its native file format (i.e. without converting between formats) to

maintain image quality and no additional compression should be applied during the export process

for NOT less than one (1) hour in case of power failure

  • The system must have a hot standby system with automatic changeover

in case of any fatal failure in the active system.


camera repair

  • The system must have a corrective and preventive maintenance

contract or periodical Service Level Agreement (SLA) for its operational

life which includes but not limited to the following:

a) Cleaning the equipment

b) Repairing or replacing faulty equipment

c) Fitness for purpose checks

d) Maintaining camera positions and focus

e) Upgrading the system software

f) Equipment warranties

g) Maintenance logs and audit report

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