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Jan 22, 2023 | PBX

PBX Technician in Kuwait best company an integrated experienced team to solve all pbx problems maintenance and repair service hardware and software failure

PBX Technician in Kuwait Best Company

PBX Technician in Kuwait Best Company

  • Our PBX Technical department is one of the largest departments in our Company’s Organizational Structure.
  • Our technicians are trained well to carry out all services related to phone systems and pbx phone systems.
  • We train our PBX (Telephone and Private Branch Exchange) Technicians

professionally to provide maintenance, installation, repair, upgrading and setup of

PBX and phone systems, IP-based business voice and computing systems.

  • Our technical team have the ability to carry out all services related to pbx.
  1. fixing and installing telephone lines and small switchboard systems at customers’ buildings and offices.
  2. resolving cabling issues.
  3. repairing switch equipment.
  4. testing and installing VoIP networks.
  5. interchanging analog phone systems with digital equipment.
  • They resolve customer issues to provide better customer experiences systematically.
  • Our highly-qualified technicians devote their time to offer instant services all over the country.
  • When you are in need of a professional PBX Technician in Kuwait, we are on time.
Installation, programming and development of the phone system
  • Assembling Internal telephone lines in sub-boxes and then in the main box to collect all telephone lines.
  • Connecting internal phones and official lines to the pbx by Plugging

the telephone cord into Telephone Line inputs .

  • Putting the cards in their positions such as DISA card and Voice Mail card.
  • Programming pbx through the main kit.
  • Adjusting the internal and external lines, bells and tones, …..
  • Developing and modernizing the system with great solutions to increase the number of connected lines.
  • Linking the branches of the institution.
  • Excellent experience in electrical wiring works.
  • Training the telephone operator responsible for dealing with the system, doing switches, extracting reports and others.
  • Connecting pbx with intercom, power lock and surveillance cameras.
  • Converting the analog pbx to IP PBX without excessive costs.
  • Establishing a professional and modern Call Center system.

PBX Technician in Kuwait ; Maintenance & Repair

  • PBX repair technicians are called in when private branch exchange breaks down.
  • They rush to find out where the trouble exists and get the system up and operating again.

PBX Technicians have the following standard job responsibilities:

  • checking the connections and make sure they are securely attached to the plugs in the phones, switch and faxes.
  • checking the wireless network and ensure the quality and range of wireless connectivity.
  • checking the quality of the cables; if they are still in good condition, the number of phones and electrical wiring.
  • fixing teletypewriters , voicemail, intercom systems, etc.
  • examining and resolving the user issues
  • installing types of IP telephone systems, including adding or updating installed telephone services
  • providing technical guidance related to servers, networks, telephones, and other IT systems
  • replacing traditional telephone networks with modern IP telephone technologies.
  • using and testing equipment relating to both fiber- and copper-based systems.
  • doing repairs that may include the replacement of wiring.

Why our pbx technicians are the best

Why our pbx technicians are the best

  • Our pbx technicians are capable of dealing with all kinds of analog and ip pbx; all brands and models.
  • Also they have the qualifications, skills and qualities that qualify them to deal will all pbx issues.
  • They have a high school diploma and have proven knowledge of computer

networks , electronics, wired and wireless networks and telecommunications.

  • They have basic computer skills, data entry experience and knowledge of

office applications in addition to having skills in computer networking.

Our company services

  • Our PBX Technician in Kuwait provides Technical Support Service 24 hours without

days off to receive telephone calls and emails on our site, then dealing with each

request directly and responding to complaints, inquiries and customer consultation immediately.

  • Our technical support direct the services required from each customer to the department assigned to perform the service.

Sales Department

Our PBX Technician in Kuwait responds to each client’s request and identify the number

of internal and external lines used by the customer,

then rush to inspect and select the appropriate type of pbx and phone systems.

Our technician services

PBX Technician in Kuwait

  • Replacing and refurbishing of the internal phone system while retaining traditional phones at customer’s request.
  • Resetting programming.
  • using original Parts.
  • Using VoIP Phones (Voice over Internet).
  • linking more than one pbx to increase the number of internal and external lines.
  • Installation of Wi-Fi signal booster.
  • Linking the establishment’s branches and buildings .
  • Connecting PBXs and converting external faxes and communication via video techniques.
  • Tuning and programming CRM software.

Our PBX Technician in Kuwait main goal is to keep telephone networks running free from any kind of cybersecurity threat.

pbx advantages
  • A PBX makes it possible for the establishment to direct users’ communication

to the appropriate department and allow employees to call each other at their workstations.

Some of the essential benefits of a PBX system for the businesses are 

  • The low Cost: the value of investing in a telephone system is one of the most important concerns.

PBX systems are not only affordable but a worthy investment for the long term.

  • Flexibility for different level businesses. Organizations can pay only for what they utilized. 
  • Calls can be automatically recorded, produce detailed reports and track performance over a period of time.
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