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Sep 16, 2019 | PBX

PBX Technician Installation Programming Repair Maintenance Analog and IP phone systems All brands and models Upgrade update smart solutions Ideal warranty

PBX Technician Installation programming maintenance

PBX Technician Installation programming maintenance

Private Branch Exchange technician is capable of dealing with all kinds of

analog & network pbx as well as all brands and models.

Special departments of the best company

  • Technical Support Service

24/7 customer support to receive your phone calls and mail messages on the site,

then we deal with each request directly and respond to complaints,

inquiries and customer consultation immediately.

To help our customer, technical support directs their demands

to the department assigned to perform the service.

  • Sales Department

We have a strong sales team who is responsible for making

sales and whose aim is to retain your relationship .

Having identified a customer’s unique needs, our sales team makes sure that those needs are met.

Our team also works on offering the best solution that will satisfy and appeal to each user.

  • Installation, modernization and programming department.
  • Maintenance and Repair Department

A skillful technician, with great experience, knows well how to

deal with all types, models and brands of PBXs.

Technician – installation, programming and upgrading

The technician and his assistants will skillfully install a pbx to

meet the client’s request immediately and professionally both

for the new installations or when updating or upgrading .

  • assemblies Internal telephones in sub-boxes and then in the main box to collect telephones’ lines together.
  • connecting internal phones and external lines to the telephone switch.
  • Positioning the cards in their place inside the central.
  • DISA card and voice mail card.
  • Programming the switch through the main characteristic kit .
  • adjusting the internal and external lines, bells and tones ….

A highly – qualified Technician with great efficiency in the field of

communications, wireless networks, computer networks and telephone networks,

installing an internal communication system with all its capabilities,

so that the work can be performed efficiently and continuously.

He has the ability to

  • develop and modernize your communication system

with great solutions to increase the number of connected lines.

  • link the branches of the institution.
  • train the telephone operator on how to deal with

the phone system, making exchanges, extracting reports and so on.

  • connect the switch with intercom, Power Door Lock and surveillance cameras.

Home Security Cameras

  • upgrading pbx to IP PBX without excessive costs.
  • establish a professional and modern Call Center system.

Excellent experience in electrical wiring works .

Repairing & maintenance of Private Branch Exchange

Your PBX needs preventive maintenance so that you can ensure that

it won’t not stop abruptly or that a temporary defect affects the work.

In case it stops and disrupts, it needs to be repaired immediately and accurately.

You really in a bad need to a PBX technician to ensure your pbx returning to work normally.

You need a specialist to ensure that the hardware, software and connections are well checked.

We also ensure that the bugs are accurately identified as quickly as possible and

that a quick smart solution is found without excessive costs.

  • Checking the connections and they are securely

attached to the plugs in the phones, switch and fax.

  • Checking the wireless network to ensure the quality, strength and range of wireless connectivity.
  • Making sure that the cables are in good condition.
  • Checking phones.
  • Checking electrical wiring.

The maintenance process should include complete cleaning of

the sockets, connection fixing , as well as the cleaning of the telephones.

For repairs, any damaged parts must be replaced with an original

piece and all of these works must be secured by long term contracts.

Exclusive services and solutions of the best pbx company

Highly experienced technicianS and an integrated team that

own exclusive and appropriate solutions for each facility

  • Replacement and refurbishing of the internal central

system while retaining traditional phones at customer’s request.

  • Reset programming.
  • Original spares.
  • Using VoIP Phones (Voice over IP).
  • Linking more than one central to increase the number of internal and external lines.
  • Installing of Wi-Fi signal booster.
  • Linking the organization’s branches and buildings.
  • Exclusive employee training services.
  • Linking more than one pbx .
  • Converting external faxes and communicate via video techniques.
  • Programming CRM software.
  • All types and models of telephone systems as well as IP-PBX and SIP / VOIP technologies are available.
  • Using of mobile phones as internal and external lines.

An excellent technical staff to provide all customer services for

any governorate, whatever the size of the organization and its infrastructure.

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