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Jun 3, 2023 | display screens

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giant screens for rent

What are LED screen rentals?

What are LED screen rentals

  • giant screens for rent are several medium-sized LED screens assembled and connected together to produce

one giant screen of a specific size and shape to create a distinctive and luxurious visual display system.

  • giant screens for rent are also supported by special specifications and distinctive characteristics that

suit the installation site and the content that will be broadcast, as well as the surrounding

environmental conditions, such as difficult weather factors, lighting conditions, viewing distance and other display requirements.

  • Hence, it becomes clear to us the possibility of building giant screens for rent on

demand and according to the special needs of each project, event or site.

  • Large format LCD & LED giant screens for rental are mostly used for temporary installations for

rental (advertising, broadcasting of sporting events, information and services, entertainment, etc), consequently

for public and private events, celebrations, trade fairs, concerts, lyric or in theater,

inside shopping centers, on shop windows And in clubs, airports and exhibitions,

also giant screens for rent for commercial complexes, conferences, and so on.

  • A user can benefit from outdoor big screen rental or indoor giant screens rental.

screen rental for events specifications

screen rental for events specifications

Can I rent a high-quality LED screen?

  • All giant screens for rent designs and types which we offer in a complete set are

scalable, and can be customized in the needs of every project and every event.

  • A screen can be customized in line with the brand name to create a unique and distinctive design that suits

the media content of the occasion or purpose.This means that a big number of formats and designs are available.

The latest giant screens for rent are characterized by strong specifications that enable them to perform their functions efficiently:

  • Slim with ultra-light LED panels.
  • Create a more intense atmosphere in the event, which increases the fun of everyone.
  • Provide a multi-function display: displaying results, broadcasting advertisements, broadcasting multimedia content.
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions: moisture and temperature extremes.
  • Equipped with an internet connection for remote control.
  • SMD technology.
  • The screen is managed by a dedicated software with which several functions can

be performed: display announcements, public information, live video, scoreboards,

schedule custom programs, power on and off, brightness adjustment and more.

  • Visibility of the finest image details in any sunlight condition.
  • High resistance to dust, water and shocks.
  • Enhance the brand image.
  • Exceptional screen quality.
  • More environmentally friendly, and much less energy consuming.
  • Exceptional image fidelity, thanks to a wide range of color tones suitable for every space.
  • Availability of a program to configure sponsors’ ads and customize the display of video screens.
  • An easy creation interface that allows creating ads from scratch
  • Provide a wide range of media and files to import: images, videos, GIFs, and

text Web pages, RSS feeds, Office suite, time and date, weather and more.

  • Indoor & outdoor movie screen rental with high quality for sustaining brightness levels throughout the day.
  • Projection allows for a higher pixel density resulting in a high quality movie theater experience.
  • We provide digital display screen rental for any period requested by the

customer, taking into account his desire to increase or decrease the period.

  • Remote technical support via the Internet, including content change, screen management control, and content management.
  • Special prices for all customers.

giant screens rental company

  • At Screens Company Kuwait , we rely on taking into account that each project is unique.
  • Therefore, we deal with every project professionally and work to provide customized solutions for each customer.
  • We ask the customer to tell us their purposes, as well as information about the installation site and

event conditions, so we can help them choose the accuracy of the image details, screen size and design that suits them.

  • You can choose the screen size you want to create the screen that meets your needs.
  • Once you have selected your screen, we will design and produce the appropriate

mechanical mounting assembly in our factory to ensure your fitment is perfect.

  • Our indoor & outdoor event screens are suitable for all places and spaces.
  • Our ability to customize our led screen for rent is the solution that suits you best.
  • We offer a perfect fit for every project, from the most modest projects to the most complex setups.
  • Large-sized LED screens for rental to entertain or impress audience during an event.
  • Renting custom LED screens .

led screen rental cost

  • We provide giant screens for rent at the best prices for external and internal installation.
  • Although lcd & led screens for events price depends on the size and quality of

the screen, we ensure providing the best design for the best price.

  • When you search ” led screen for rent near me or outdoor led screen rental near me, we are in time.”
  • You can identify poster screens rental .
  • You can select one or more from our best LCD or LED display Screens .


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