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Apr 26, 2023 | display screens

screens rental for events of all kinds and purposes lcd led rental screen best pros TV screens led screens for events price best company Customized displays

screens rental for events indoors and outdoors

screens rental for events indoors and outdoors

  • screens rental for events; indoor and outdoor LED, LCD, OLED, QLED screens for events.
  • All sizes and designs.
  • big screen for rent and giant screens for shops opening , exhibitions and holding conferences.
  • Renting TV screens for weddings for live viewing of what the cameras are

filming, as well as broadcasting recordings from various devices.

  • Rental of screens to display writing, videos, photos, animations and impressive visual effects.
  • screens rental for events for any period of time the customer desires.
  • Installing screens in stadiums, nightclubs, and theaters to beautify an occasion or

a singing or dancing party for adding an atmosphere of joy and fun.

Any content can be displayed for the duration of the event:

  1. broadcasting a video stored on the screen and displaying it in high quality through the video processor attached to the screen.
  2. broadcasting what the cameras capture directly.
  3. As well as broadcasting videos from modern devices of all kinds.

Event Display Screens rental

Event Display Screens rental

screens rental for events :

  • provide all forms of pleasure and beauty to the spectators
  • add an atmosphere of excitement and joy to the place through charming, beautiful colors.
  • give an aesthetic look to the place with the picturesque decorations that appear.
  • Also display all the details of the occasion.
  • can be used to display words and phrases of welcome to the  guests.
  • display information about the event or ceremony in a distinctive way that draws attention.
  • show major matches and competitions to the largest crowd of viewers.
  • Interactive touch screens are very helpful in conferences and seminars, etc.

lcd & led rental screen types

lcd & led rental screen types

  • You can rent screen for events that is perfectly suitable to the kind and purpose of the event .


  • Distinctive screens that are installed on the facade or on the walls of corridors or event halls.

Flexible LED Screens

  • There are many designs of screens rental for events ; curved, cylindrical or wraparound.
  • This type acts as a backdrop against which videos, scripts and images are projected and can be viewed from all angles.

Transparent Screen

  • Transparent glass display screens made of special durable materials.
  • When the screen is turned on, the content appears in beautiful colors.

Led Video curtain

  • It covers the largest area, as if the place is a moving, living image.

 led scrolling text display

  • This type is used to display a content in the form of scrolling text with interesting effects.

Dance Floor

  • It is installed on the floors, so it creates an atmosphere of joy and happiness by stimulating the eye with high-quality brightness.
  • The newlyweds, the singer, and the performers stand on it and present their performances.

Floor Standing lcd screens

We provide Event LED Screen for Rent as a special service, including big screen for rent and Giant display screens.

led screens for events price

Customers of the best screen company in Kuwait can benefit from Event LED Screen for Rent for the longest period at the best prices.

  • Screens rental for events with installation and ensuring their operation for the duration of the event.
  • The best services of the company’s technician to operate the screen, change the content remotely.
  • Distinctive designs and sizes suitable for each event.
  • The best screen rental company in Kuwait provides:
  1. The best prices for street advertising screens .
  2. Selling and renting LED screens of all types and sizes.
  3. managing the content remotely.

How much is led screen for events?

  • We provide our services in all regions of Kuwait as a distinguished service at the best prices.
  • Whatever our client’s request and wherever his address is, we are on time to grant them the best.


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