Projection screen cinema theatre

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Projection screen cinema theatre learn about different types, kinds of installation, sizes, latest technology, best spec, lighting, brightness and designs

Projection screen Types

Projection screen Types

You can have a projection screen and use it as a movie theatre or cinema screen.

It is easy for us to provide you with a movie theatre in your home, workplace,

meeting room or in the open space.

It mainly consists of

a surface and a support structure to display an  image that is  projected on the surface .

It may be

  • permanently installed on the wall as in a movie theater.
  • portable with tripod ( a three-legged stand ) .
  • floor rising models as in a conference room or non-dedicated viewing space.
  • inflatable for outdoor installation (open air )

Outdoor Screen

Once you are going to set up a Projection screen, you must give due care to its brightness.

The screen’s brightness depends mainly on

  • the ambient light level
  • the luminous power of the image source.

There are different screens to use with digital or movie or overhead or slide projectors.

Here we look at lighting ; reflecting the light projected on to the screen

or transmitting the light through them ( lcd, oled, led ) .

Movie Projection screen by installation type

  • A reflective surface screen; aluminized (for high contrast in moderate ambient light)

or small- glassed beads surface (for high brilliance under dark conditions)

  • Rigid wall-mounted screens
  • Pull-down screens ( wall screens)
  • Fixed-frame screens
  • Electric screens ; wall mounted, ceiling mounted or ceiling recessed
  • Mobile screens (  pull-down screen on a free stand, or pull up

from a weighted base ) .

Movie Projection screen specification and features

  • white or grey screens in order to avoid any discoloration to the image.
  • perfect geometry
  • the greatest level of uniform tension on the screens surface
  • the optimal image quality
  • High-performance
  • built in surface sound
  • High reliability.
  • high brightness versions for daylight use
  • hi-fi sound and a customisable art canvas.
  • stunning contrast and colour.
  • anti-glare
  • 24/7 usage
  • excellent colour reproduction
  • no eyestrain
  • a variety of designs
  • more accurate pictures.
  • remote control
  • rigidity and perfect flatness, so crucial to a good picture.

Cinema screen solutions

Our Screen Company provides clients with the most extensive range of projection

screens in terms of size, features, specifications, color, technology, props, etc .

All of our products are of the highest level of quality; the industry’s leading cutting-edge technology.

Each customer can have the best solution.

A wide range of projection solutions that suit a variety of needs;

customised display technology for high end applications.

They are used for outdoor movies, film festivals, drive-in theaters, sports,

social and other events requiring outdoor projection.

When you are about to buy a Projection screen, take into consideration

the size of the  projector screen.

Here you must look at the aspect ratio of your projector itself before determining the screen size.

Our products have the ability to optimize audience enjoyment and keeping everyone awake.

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