Kiosk Screens Floor Standing LCD

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Kiosk Screens for advertising, customer self-service suitable for all applications Touch user interface 4K Ultra HD perfect specifications and features

Kiosk Screens LCD

Kiosk Screens LCD 

LCD kiosks is one of the most popular ways of advertising and visual communications.

They are free-standing and self-contained.

Also interactive kiosks are suitable for all Apps; indoor and outdoor, and

can be easily installed in all sites and spaces  .

Digital kiosks are eye-catching and easily capture passerby’s attention and influence the audience .

their applications are unlimited

  • Lobby directories : maps, facility information, scrolling news and welcome messages.
  • Hotels & museums, : greeting guests and residents, display

amenities, local area maps and event listings, exhibit information, videos,

plan your visit maps and membership specials.

  • Airports: flight arrival and departure times, baggage claim maps.
  • Retail: self-service, customer loyalty program, sales and advertisements.
  • Restaurants : ordering meals, the menu, payment,..
  • Municipalities, zoos, outdoor shopping centers, outdoor advertising,

and entertainment venues like amusement parks and arenas.

  • Hospitals, public spaces, governmental institutes, banks, and more.
  • Shopping centers, markets, malls.
  • Travel agencies and offices.
  • chemist’s, health care and medical centers.
  • Banks and insurance companies.
  • Educational field.
  • Subway, stations.
  • Stadiums.
  • Beauty centers, fashion shows.
  • Apartments & villas .
  • Cinema, Theater, Internet Cafes.
  • Ministries.

​​lcd screens for sale

LCD screens for rent

Types of Digital Kiosks

Free-standing machines that have several designs.

  • Rotating ; portrait and landscape orientation screens.
  • Interactive digital kiosks.
  • Special table kiosks.
  • Single sided digital kiosks
  • Custom built double and triple sided digital kiosks .
  • specially built, high-withstand weather conditions Outdoor digital kiosks.
  • touch-screen digital kiosk solution.
  • Dual floor standing Signage

As digital marketing age continue to grow , our touch screen kiosks will

help your brand reach out to possible customers in the most effective way.

Floor Standing Kiosks key spec

The commercial digital sign has a state-of-the-art look attracting customers to your business.

  • High brightness .
  • resistant anti-glare glass.
  • Resilient enclosure.
  • Front or rear accessible with lockable doors.
  • Integrated BrightSign Media Player.
  • Full HD, 4K single video decoding.
  • HTML support.
  • Networked content playback.
  • Infrared touch screen.
  • High Response time.
  • Great Memory.
  • Support any format; video, picture, music and sound formats.
  • Media publish software.
  • Android Operating System.
  • Ultra thin design.
  • Multi touch Interface.
  • Support video splitting, subtitle rolling, switch timing and USB data input.
  • Wireless Wi-Fi, Cable network, USB data input.
  • All weather sun readable.
  • Auto playback.
  • Multi-language.
  • High Contrast Ratio.
  • Wide Viewing Angle.
  • High Accuracy.
  • Eco friendly – Power Timer Function.
  • High quality integrated speakers.
  • High quality paint finish.
  • Multiple ports such as DIP and VGA.
  • 3G, 4G, 5G wifi network.

You can use the software to control the lcd display advertising remotely from anywhere.

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